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Hammer Time: The Gorgon (1964) Review

The Gorgon (1964) Review

Rating: 2/5 stars A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of watching “Horror of Dracula” – perhaps the quintessential Hammer Horror flick. It was big, bold, and classically executed right ‘till the very end. This one… not so much. Starring Hammer’s two favourite names, Cushing and Lee, The Gorgon […]

Prison (1988) Review

Prison poster

The opening scene of inmate Charlie Forsythe’s slow walk to the electric chair is shot in first person perspective.  The viewer looks through Charlie’s eyes as he stares down guard Ethan Sharpe before the hood is placed over his eyes and the POV switches to third person.  That silent exchange […]

Director Spotlight: Tobe Hooper

Body Bags

At the young age of 30, Tobe Hooper directed one of the most influential films in the horror genre, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.  Filmed on a meager budget with a 16mm camera resulted in a final product riddled with imperfections.  Splice marks in the middle of a frame, dirt […]

Prom Night (1980) Movie Review


I just got back from dinner and the comic book store with my hubby. There’s a great Mexican restaurant near our house that serves great food and very large margaritas. I only say that here because I’m totally buzzed right now so it’ll be interesting to see how this review […]

Livid (2011) Review

Livid poster

Young care worker Lucie spends her first day on the job with her boss, Mrs. Wilson, learning the ropes as they travel from house to house of each elderly patient.  The final house of the day is a labyrinthine estate belonging to a comatose 100 year old Madame Jessel, a […]

Lifeforce (1985) Review


On June 21, 1985, a film about an alien race coming to earth in search of a life force was unleashed into cinemas. You’re absolutely right, this does describe Ron Howard’s massively successful, geriatric crowd pleaser Cocoon. But it also describes Lifeforce, Tobe Hooper’s financially disappointing follow up to Poltergeist. […]

Visiting Hours (1982) Review


I don’t really consider this movie horror though that’s the way it’s advertised. A slasher horror movie is more like the Friday: The 13th franchise or even something like Sleepaway Camp. Yes, one maniac is knocking people off left and right but there’s usually a lot of what the killer […]

Slugs: The Movie (1987) Review

4 out of 5 mutant slugs agree: people taste like chicken.

“They slime. They ooze. They kill.” *eye roll* Jumping on the 1970s bug band wagon (Squirm, Bug), Slugs: The Movie (yes, they needed to clarify because it was a book first) brings us the story of a small town that’s suddenly overrun with oversized slugs. Normally that would only be a […]


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