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Doctor Sleep (2013) review


The Shining is unequivocally one of the most iconic works of supernatural fiction ever written. In 1977, Stephen King unloaded his subconcious in a shotgun blast that embedded the novel in popular culture – The Overlook Hotel, shining as a euphemism for ESP, elevators that gush rivers of blood, redrum, […]

Wandering Rose (2014) Review

Rose hurt

Rose and Theo take their camper out to the remote Scottish Highlands for an idealistic weekend getaway, but their plans derail when Rose catches the attention of a ghostly apparition.  The isolation, Rose’s sudden erratic behavior, and the arrival of an unexpected visitor unravel the couple plans for romance. The […]

Mutantis (2014) review


“You can’t be groovy if you’re retarded.” While this is the first Dire Wit film I’ve seen, I don’t believe it would be inaccurate to suggest that sensitivity, political correctness, and just plain old good taste have much of a place in their aesthetic spectrum. So: despite a risk of […]

Five Favourite Horror Videogame Box Covers


1. Alone in the Dark (PC) A classic game that defined the tenets of survival horror for years – static camera angles, limited resources, poor fighting abilities, puzzles, and a tank-like control system – has a suitably classy cover that oozes Lovecraft. 2. The Evil Dead (Commodore 64) Sam Raimi’s classic spawned […]

Breakfast with the Borgias Review (2014)


Invoke the name Hammer, and a glut of bubbling, misty images conjure forth: spired castles crumbling in the fog, fanged beasts, patchwork monsters, and – perhaps if you’re a little more intimate with the legendary English motion picture house – apocalyptic sci fi visions, buxom cave girls, and Hitchcock-lite thrillers. […]

The 10 Goriest Slashers of the 80s


Beginning with box office hits Friday the 13th and Prom Night in 1980, a slew of imitators followed in their wake.  The 80’s were part of the golden age of slashers, filled with formulaic films in which a psychopath stalks and slaughters unsuspected teenagers.  But it’s really the graphic nature […]


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