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Playroom (1990) Review

Playroom nose pick

“Children love to watch things die.”  This morbid line by lead character Chris aptly sums up Playroom in both level of maturity and premise.  Archaeologist Chris is plagued by nightmares of his youth, spent in the ruins of a castle-like monastery in Europe, where his father was searching for the […]

The Keep (1983) Review


  Michael Mann wrote and directed his first theatrical feature in 1981: Thief, recently released by the Criterion Collection.  It was a financial and critical success, still respected for its neon blasted, realistic portrayal of the criminal underworld.  Mann has spent his career returning to similar worlds, focusing on expert men who […]

Exorcist 3 (1990) Review


Thirteen years after the failure of what is widely considered one of the worst big budget studio films ever made, author William Peter Blatty took up the writing and directing reigns himself to create a third entry in The Exorcist saga. Wisely abandoning the trials and tribulations of Linda Blair’s Regan […]

I Am a Ghost (2012) Review


For a miniscule budget of $10,000, H.P. Mendoza’s I Am a Ghost sure packs a punch.  This is independent horror at its finest, feeling entirely new and refreshing yet stylistically reminiscent of classic Kubrick.  It’s a film that will get under your skin and stay with you long after the […]

House of the Long Shadows (1983) Review


The forgotten 1983 effort of Pete Walker (director of “Frightmare” and  “House of Whipcord,” among others) promises horrific treasures with its tagline: “Room for every nightmare…A nightmare in every room.” The gorgeous poster art is equally promising, giving us great hope for a long overdue horror ensemble cast of film legends […]


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