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Breakfast with the Borgias Review (2014)


Invoke the name Hammer, and a glut of bubbling, misty images conjure forth: spired castles crumbling in the fog, fanged beasts, patchwork monsters, and – perhaps if you’re a little more intimate with the legendary English motion picture house – apocalyptic sci fi visions, buxom cave girls, and Hitchcock-lite thrillers. […]

The 10 Goriest Slashers of the 80s


Beginning with box office hits Friday the 13th and Prom Night in 1980, a slew of imitators followed in their wake.  The 80’s were part of the golden age of slashers, filled with formulaic films in which a psychopath stalks and slaughters unsuspected teenagers.  But it’s really the graphic nature […]

Nobody Can Cool (2013) Movie Review


Sometimes it’s really great to know people who can get free movie screeners and let us commoners review them (Son of Ghostman blew me away!). But other times, I’m less than impressed with the film that is offered. Nobody Can Cool is written, produced, and directed by Dypx (Marcy Boyle and […]

The Black Hole (1979) Review


I caught a minute of this flick somewhere toward the end. I’d never heard of it before but upon seeing Yvette Mimieux in futuristic space garb, I knew I had to find it and watch it from the beginning. Everyone aboard the Spaceship Bandwagon! Walt Disney productions (say what?) offers […]

Watch Horror Comedy Lyle (2014) for Free


Starring Gaby Hoffman, Lyle is an independent horror comedy in the same vein as Rosemary’s Baby that centers around an expectant mother’s descent into paranoia and madness when tragedy strikes.  Director Stewart Thorndike is endeavoring to complete a trilogy of women driven horror, with Lyle as the first entry, and […]

Shakma (1990) Review


Professor Sorenson (played by Roddy McDowall) injects baboon Shakma with an experimental drug meant to reduce aggression, but this proves to have the exact opposite effect.  He orders medical student Sam (played by Christopher Atkins) to put down the unruly primate, but Sam administers the incorrect drug and Shakma is […]


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